Was It a Dream?

In The Retreat on July 20, 2010 at 12:26 pm

The plot retreat was little more than a month ago and already it feels like a dream. Thanks to Sara and Lisa for their pictures. They are worth a 1000 words especially so because we share a personal story with each one.

When asked, I invariably describe the professional gratification of seeing all the plot planners decorated with bright scrapes of paper and colored pens. I follow with a pithy description of the Plot Planner I created for the event itself and 3/4 mark or the crisis point.

Always, I end with what kicked off the retreat for me and infused the entire event with a spirit of generosity and kindness. 

Sara, your act of taking Dorothy and Teri for lunch by the bay in Santa Cruz touched me deeply. 

For my very first retreat of any sort, giving or attending, I am grateful to each of you for making it so sweet.

BTW: I achieved my goal of finishing the sample chapters for a book proposal that is now in the hands of agent and acquisition editor. You as my witnesses kept me accountable. 

How about each of you? I need a reminder of what your goals were and where you are now…



  1. Hi Martha!
    Well, I said I would have a complete redraft done by the end of Labor Day weekend. Turns out there was something strange in the mountain air that made me think I could pull that off. I have been writing steadily and should have Esther’s portion rewriten by the end of Labor Day weekend. I hate to admit it but that was the easier section to rewrite. That confessed, I am happy with where it’s going. I realized at lunch today it’s time to pull my plot planner out and reshuffle the section I’m working on now. But I know what I’m doing! It’s so exciting!
    Miss you all

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